30-Day Challenges: A Month of Self-Care and October’s Challenge

September’s 30-day challenge was to take more care of myself – physically, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise. Mostly, I’d call the challenge a failure. I’d been having a good time; lots of happy days, but things went downhill in September – the loneliness hit hard after such a long time and I was exhausted. I like … Continue reading 30-Day Challenges: A Month of Self-Care and October’s Challenge

Giving Up, Part Five

This time, I’m giving up on trying to build another writing streak. And it seems surprisingly easy. I think breaking the writing streak did me good. After I wrote about it and started a new streak, I didn’t really feel like writing. Not just because I was starting from scratch again, but because I didn’t … Continue reading Giving Up, Part Five

Clear History

I haven’t shared any of my stories here recently (it’s funny to think that when I started this blog, I intended to only publish stories on it). ‘Clear History’ is a recent story, though I have no idea exactly how recent; I hadn’t started putting a date along with the titles back then.  I was quite … Continue reading Clear History

My Bad Writing

I’d really like to take a look at the first drafts of famous authors – almost all of them have said at some point that writing is difficult for them and I believe it. But I also want to see just how bad their first drafts are. Is the first paragraph 3-pages long? Does the tense … Continue reading My Bad Writing