In my last post I’d said that I would be writing 500 words everyday, and so far, I’ve performed pretty well. On the first day I wrote 1,046 words, then 925 on the next. The word count varied each day, but I manged to write 500 words everyday. Some days, when I had no idea … Continue reading Practice


I mentioned in my last post how much I was excited to write all the ideas I’d gathered in the last year. I was overwhelmed by the number of ideas and the thought of filling up notebooks with my words. However, I noticed my enthusiasm fading away. Maybe it was because I had a terrible … Continue reading Experimenting

A Short Guide To Life

Some notes found in one of my old diaries: Stay how you are and do what makes you happy. Eat burgers. Watch TV for hours. But also try something new. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Occasionally open the window and check out the weather. Write what you cannot say out loud. Wish on a … Continue reading A Short Guide To Life