A Letter to 2016

Dear 2016, It’s almost time for you to go. Most of us are excited – a new year means new opportunities, a second chance, a new beginning. The feeling of hope and excitement and anticipation are back in the air. Some probably don’t want you to leave. You had been the best year of their … Continue reading A Letter to 2016


I’m very scared as I type this. I’ve never shared my fiction with so many people before. As a matter of fact, I’ve never shown my work to anyone who understands literature. I know this is not my best work – just a piece from the many I have been writing every day. I read … Continue reading Rain

My Commonplace Book

The idea of reading other people’s notebooks, letters and diaries has always fascinated me. We can learn a lot about them from their work and their interviews and their life, but I think our most honest reflections come through the words we write without any censorship in our personal notebooks, not to be seen by … Continue reading My Commonplace Book