The Writer’s Brain Drain

6 thoughts on “The Writer’s Brain Drain”

  1. You describe your thoughts on this subject so beautifully. It’s kind of exciting reading through some of your posts, which take me on a relatable and human journey of triumphs and failures, reactions, musings of your life as a writer.

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  2. My Inner Critic stops my imperfect first draft from flowing; it sounds like yours badgers you about originality. I read somewhere (sorry I can’t remember where) that writing ideas are seldom completely original – the originality and spark lie in the execution of them. Your style, your take on life. xxx

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    1. Agreed; I’ve frequently come across several quotes and ideas that assert that trying to be original is like trying to write the perfect story in your first attempt. So I’ve been trying to let go of my attempts to be original, bit it’s not easy, it’ll take time. I hope I get there soon.


  3. It’s so interesting to read your thoughts on your writing process, thank you.

    You say you rarely look at your writer’s notebook? Joanna Penn (she has a great YouTube channel) says the same thing. Have you tried Evernote? I have a file of ideas there that I jot down on my phone or laptop and I do actually look at them. Later I cut and paste them into groups around theme, as well, which helps if I need a idea for a short piece.

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    1. Thanks for the follow! 🙂

      The problem is not a notebook. (In fact, I’m the old-school type, I love paper and pen and ink). The problem is that when I do look at the ideas, they don’t sound interesting and original, and since it’s been long since I added anything to it, I know there’s nothing new in there to look at. I’m glad you found a way to organize your ideas.

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