Stop Speaking. Start Doing.

9 thoughts on “Stop Speaking. Start Doing.”

  1. Excellent and thought-provoking piece, Ratika – I couldn’t agree more. When we have a difference of opinion with someone who will never – doesn’t want to – see the other point of view, then we’re wasting our energy. Intellectual and emotional. And life is too short to waste our energies on pointless arguments which only serve to upset us.

    Also, it’s a terrible indictment of society that you can’t stand up for women’s rights AND be liked by your neighbours… But t’was always thus for people who speak up against the status quo :/ xxxxx

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    1. It might be so, but as long as there are people who support us, we’ll keep growing. 🙂


  2. I read your posts and realise that sometimes being vulnerable to some people can provide so much strength. You always give me power to realise that so much more is to be done and so much more that I can do.
    You are amazing Ratika

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