A Year of 10 Ideas

Last month I completed one year of writing down 10 new ideas every day, inspired by James Altucher’s TED talk and blog post on becoming what he calls an “idea machine.” The basic concept is to take a small notepad (so that you can easily carry it around) and write down 10 new ideas every … Continue reading A Year of 10 Ideas

Like A Bawse

I know I posted yesterday but I just finished reading the Superwoman Lilly Singh’s incredible book, How to Be a Bawse, and I had to come here and  write a review because everyone should read this wonderful, wonderful book. I don’t exactly remember how I discovered Lilly Singh (though I know it was definitely through the … Continue reading Like A Bawse

That Bucket List

Exams finally ended this week (*insert excited squealing*). I have months of free time ahead but also a long list of all the things I want to do before I leave for university. Which reminds me – I got accepted to my dream university in March!! I’m so excited to share this news with all … Continue reading That Bucket List