Monsoon Memories

Wrote this a couple of days ago; was too lazy to post it. New Delhi has a strange connection with the rain. I lived here for the first eight years of my life, but Nagpur showed me monsoons as I know them. I grew up with an understanding of almost everything in Nagpur during the … Continue reading Monsoon Memories


Hi Ritika! It’s Ratika. Whatever, it’s the same thing. It’s not. Ritika is a common name. Ratika isn’t. Come on, it makes no difference! It does. Both names have different meanings. What? Ritika means bronze. Ratika means love. It comes from Rati, who was the wife of Kam Dev, the god of Love in Hindu … Continue reading FAQ

Giving Up, Part Two

I was supposed to be writing a report of my progress with editing my stories and sending them out, but here I am instead, writing about my decision to give up. Taking a break from staring at my computer screen helped me spend some time with my mind alone and think about what I’d been … Continue reading Giving Up, Part Two