On Trying

I’m a big fan of trying. There are so many things we want to do but never end up doing because we’re either scared that we won’t be able to do it or skeptical that it won’t work, so we don’t even give it a try to see how things work out. Back in 2015, … Continue reading On Trying

The Cost of Being Famous

I hate to see articles about celebrities’ love lives in the newspaper and on the internet. They can’t even breathe without it making into the newspaper. I don’t understand why we are so interested in other people’s marriages and divorces. None of us would like the world to know about the troubles we’re going through, … Continue reading The Cost of Being Famous


Every once in a while, you should step out of your comfort zone and read/watch/listen to something you disagree with. You might end up agreeing with them. For example, I grew up to learn from books and social media and other sources that it was pointless to aim for perfection. No one can be perfect, … Continue reading Disagreements

Keep a Diary

If I were a personal development coach or motivational speaker, I’d tell everyone to keep a diary. Some people like to call it a journal, but I like the word ‘diary’. It feels more personal, and I don’t have to be guided by prompts or make the pages look aesthetically pleasing or Instagrammable to do … Continue reading Keep a Diary

Psychology Classes

I believe psychology should be a compulsory subject. Students must have knowledge of basic psychology before leaving school. They must understand that mental illnesses are just as real as physical illnesses. They must understand that everyone has a different personality and different potentials. They must understand how one behaviour leads to the other, how our … Continue reading Psychology Classes

Appreciate Your Work

My mother and I sometimes go on longs walks to the mall or the market instead of taking public transport. It gives us time to talk to each other, discuss things that we didn’t find time to discuss at home. I’ve been at my most vulnerable and honest during these walks. And I always learn … Continue reading Appreciate Your Work

On Fat-Shaming

I’ve read a lot about people body-shaming fat people and lecturing them about health and nutrition and whatnot. Some people have argued that body positivity has gone too far – so much that being fat or obese is being normalized by many. I half-agree and half-disagree. Yes, we should encourage people to accept their bodies … Continue reading On Fat-Shaming