For some days now, I have been considering abandoning this blog. I won’t disappear; I just won’t write here regularly. Life has been mundane. There is nothing to talk about. Writing wise, I recently wrote a flash story every day for almost a month (couldn’t keep up for 52 days, as I’d hoped to in … Continue reading Abandon

52 Days

The WordPress insights tab tells me it’s been four months since I last posted on this blog. And honestly, though it may sound like an overrused excuse, the usual reason applies: I don’t really have anything to talk about. Life is still what it was when I last showed up here. Novelty isn’t for me, … Continue reading 52 Days

A Wait for Winter

September is almost over, and winter feels ages away. There’s barely a hint of chill in the early morning air. Days feel like those in late summer and rain has eluded my part of the city for weeks now. The pandemic is far from over, and online classes are mostly boring. I don’t mind studying; … Continue reading A Wait for Winter

Why I Love Marginalia

Last year, someone in our book club asked our opinions on writing in books, aka marginalia. I’ve always loved underlining quotes in books and making notes in the margins, but there are a lot of readers who want to keep their books as good and untouched as new. This was my little contribution to the … Continue reading Why I Love Marginalia


I’ve settled into a sort of routine over the past couple of weeks: online classes in the morning, learning to cook in the afternoon, followed by spending some time with my sister, teaching in the evening, and a little reading before the end of the day. On the weekends I tackle any internship work I … Continue reading Notes

The Bell Papers

This week, I’ve been thinking about learning and teaching. Second year of college started on Monday, reminding me of all the reasons I love and hate being in college. I have some very interesting papers this semester – applied social psychology and life span development being my favorites – but the teachers don’t make the … Continue reading The Bell Papers