For some days now, I have been considering abandoning this blog. I won’t disappear; I just won’t write here regularly. Life has been mundane. There is nothing to talk about. Writing wise, I recently wrote a flash story every day for almost a month (couldn’t keep up for 52 days, as I’d hoped to in … Continue reading Abandon


I’ve settled into a sort of routine over the past couple of weeks: online classes in the morning, learning to cook in the afternoon, followed by spending some time with my sister, teaching in the evening, and a little reading before the end of the day. On the weekends I tackle any internship work I … Continue reading Notes

The Bell Papers

This week, I’ve been thinking about learning and teaching. Second year of college started on Monday, reminding me of all the reasons I love and hate being in college. I have some very interesting papers this semester – applied social psychology and life span development being my favorites – but the teachers don’t make the … Continue reading The Bell Papers

Giving Up, Part Five

This time, I’m giving up on trying to build another writing streak. And it seems surprisingly easy. I think breaking the writing streak did me good. After I wrote about it and started a new streak, I didn’t really feel like writing. Not just because I was starting from scratch again, but because I didn’t … Continue reading Giving Up, Part Five

My Bad Writing

I’d really like to take a look at the first drafts of famous authors – almost all of them have said at some point that writing is difficult for them and I believe it. But I also want to see just¬†how bad their first drafts are. Is the first paragraph 3-pages long? Does the tense … Continue reading My Bad Writing